Widows Showing Some Of The Gifts they Have Recived




Project Hope Global Outreach  Inc.’s  (PHGOI) goals are to reach out to those less fortunate.  We want to instill in them the Word of God first and then assist them in building their lives to bring self sufficiency.


PHGOI teaches economic empowerment.  We have developed projects in various areas to help alleviate poverty in Africa. Some of the projects are shown here.






PHGOI’S projects focus on working collectively to fully utilize the many talents of the widows such as: brickmaking, selling eggs, selling broilers, making baskets, beautiful African jewelry, liquid soap, sewing aprons, crocheting, cooking, and table mats and table cloth made from sisal to empower them to realize self-sustainability.

PHGOI assists poor widows in getting their daily bread and striving to help them become self-sustaining.  We  assist poor widows who ordinarily would have no financial means of support, with projects or programs that help them to become self sustained to provide for themselves and most often their multiple children and grandchildren.


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Widows With Their Donated Glasses  Baskets For Sale Made By Widows Widows/er Making Bricks For Bulding Chicken House

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